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Creexx was born in Pressbaum, Lower Austria, in 1982.
He grew up within a musical environment. Already in primary school he took piano lessons,

began playing drums at the age of 11 and even composed his own music.

He gained experience as a drummer in various bands and featured in a lot of his father's ( productions.
Towards the end of 1999 he developed a special interest in electronic music.
He started playing records as a techno/trance deejay and soon after produced his own tracks.

They were first published under the pseudonym Celestial Sphere,
which stands for a high quality Trance-music project.
Today his releases can be found under the name Creexx as well.

Creexx is known for his webradioshow "Club Aviation" and dj gigs

at the "mq Kantine" and the "Salzbar" in Vienna.
His sound can be described as a versatile mix with a wide range of electronic dance music.


He demonstrated his talent by remixing his father's music from the album "Earthsong & Stardance" into an electronically energetic version with a slightly different perspective. (like mentioned on


Creexx was selected as #1 winner of the official "PulseTone Recordings/Transmission Radioshow - ELEMENTS" Remix Contest in 2015.

After various releases on PulseTone Recordings and a collaboration together with Steven Vim on Destinesia Records he publishes music on his own label Celestial Sphere Music Austria as well.

The next Trance single "Times of new Directions" is out now!

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